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Sworn Valuations

sworn valuation is an independent legally recognised assessment of the value of a property. Sworn Valuations must be in writing and can only be submitted by a qualified and registered Real Estate Valuer which is not a property value appraisal normally provided by real estate agents. Hence the Sworn Valuer is your independent advisor where as the Real Estate Agent is motivated to sign you up for a commission.

Our established legal property valuation company is dedicated to impartial valuations and advice underpinned by the extensive industry experience of our certified house and commercial property valuers within Melbourne and beyond. We are able to provide a complete service to a wide range of industry organisations, professionals and individuals. The company directors, collectively holding over 81 years’ experience. The company directors are supported by six Certified Practising Valuers who combined provide an additional 110+ years of experience.

Sworn Valuations must be in writing and can only be submitted by a qualified and registered Real Estate Valuer with is not a property value appraisal normal provided by real estate agents.

We pride ourselves on our ability to gain and maintain professional relationships with a variety of lending institutions, government agencies and private clients. All of our property valuers maintain Certified Practising Valuer status, having full membership with the Australian Property Institute and conducting work to the highest calibre, in accordance with the Australian Valuation Standards.

Deceased Estate Valuations


Being a reputable and experienced property valuer in Victoria, we understand that when it comes to deceased estate valuations, there are many reasons for lot of heartburn and misunderstanding. Since the value of such properties involved could run into millions of dollars, there is all the more reason for us to be very careful in our valuations and look after your best interests.

The need for an independent and transparent valuation by a legally qualified and accredited valuer of such deceased estates is an absolute necessity. No one understands this better than the BMT Property Group  because of the simple reason that we have seen hundreds of such cases. Even in the most transparent and open cases, there have been situations where a number of questions have been raised.


The main reason we are such a popular property valuer in the area of deceased estates is as follows:

We use the best of techniques and methods to ensure that the valuation is very accurate.

The valuation done by us will without any doubt establish a fair market value of such deceased properties.

Wherever there is an administrator of such deceased properties, as per law there is a need to value such properties according to strict guidelines.

These valuation reports have to be done by independent and reputed valuers.

These deceased estate valuations could be used for other purposes than sales of property and division of estates, which we can explain over a free / no obligation consultation.

They are very useful in determining future tax liabilities on such deceased estate properties and here too we step in and offer our best services.

We have a Melbourne CBD / City office which is equipped to handle such deceased estate property valuations for almost the entire length and breadth of the city.

We have an extensive list of satisfied valuation customers and many such deceased estate transactions have been completed empathetically, smoothly and with low stress, based on our professional and detailed valuation methodology.

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